The Mouthwatering Steak Platter

Hi Steak Lovers! Last time we have introduced you the classic pepper steak of Spaghetti jazz and this time we introduce to you another tender, perfectly prepped, mouthwatering pepper stake and an absolutely delicious boneless chicken stake. These two steaks were put in platter with spicy rice and vegetables and with a mexican delicacy named “Desert Rose”. This was offered at the time of Ramadan. Usually, at Ramadan offers most restaurants dishes goes slightly down from their mark but this platter was spot on to the perfection. Without further a-do let me reveal the name of the place. The platter presented below is prepared by Woodhouse Grill, a very small steak house located at the heart of Banani 11.

Steak at Woodhouse

Food Hunters Review:

Steak of wood house grill

Price: Around 1200 BDT

Location: Woodhouse Grill | Holding 99, C Block, Road 11, Banani

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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