The Colorful Doi-Futchka

Well, who does not like Doi Futchka?? In my opinion, most of us are a big fan of this food. Although its availability is abundant, but they are not very hygienic and well presented in most places. Today I am going to recommend a place for you guys for this all time favorite food of ours. The Doi-Futchka that I am going to recommend not only tastes good, but presentation wise is also top-notch. This place adds color to their Doi-Futchka to make them look more appealing. They serve it in a leaf shaped clay plate and believe me guys, the look of it is mouth watering. The place where you will get this awesome treat is none other than the Premium Sweets of Gulshan 2 circle. Just to let you know, the colorful Futhckas tastes just like normal Futhckas, because there are no added flavor with the color. They just do it for the decoration. So what are waiting for?? Go and taste it today.


Food Hunters Review:

Colorful Doi Futchka

Price: Around 200 BDT

Location: Premium Sweets | Plot No 22 Gulshan 2 Circle| Dhaka, Bangladesh


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