Kolkata’s Famous Dum Biryani

Yesterday was my wife’s birthday and we decided to go to the number 1 restaurant in Kolkata; Dum Pukht. There is a reason why this restaurant has been the top for sometime now. Both their food and service is top notch. The dish we bring to you today is what they are most famous for; The Mutton Dum Biryani. What can I say? We were absolutely blown away by this Biryani. We Bangladeshi’s love our Biryani and guys this is a must try. It is different from our local Kacchi Biryani but every bite  of this Biryani is a bite from heaven. Slow cooked over Dum, with meat that is falling off the bone, every grain of rice is cooked perfectly. They serve it with a Raita that rhymes perfectly with this biryani. Every bite leaves you craving for some more. This is a fine dining restaurant so it is a bit pricey but worth it.

P.S. Hats off to their staff for impeccable service

Dum Biriyani

Food Hunters Review:

Dum Biriyani Reting

Price: Around 1350 INR

Address- Dum Pukht, ITC Sonar, 1, JBS Haldane Avenue, Kolkata, West Bengal

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