The Legendary Chili Paneer

We are down in Kolkata this weekend to celebrate my wife’s birthday so you all can expect a wave of delicious food coming from here. The dish we bring to you comes from one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Kolkata, Bar-B-Q. We proudly present one of our favourite dishes, which we must have every time we visit Kolkata; the Chili Paneer. This Chili Paneer is soft and delicate and beautifully tossed with onions, garlic and chili and makes your taste palettes go crazy with every bite. This is a must try dish.

CHili Paneer

Food Hunters Review:

Chili Paneer Rating

Price: Around INR 245

Location: Bar-B-Q | 1st Floor 43 – 55 Park Street | Kolkata (Calcutta) 700016, India

2 thoughts on “The Legendary Chili Paneer

    • Food Hunters says:

      Hi nafis, thank you for your comment, actually it is not spicy at all though it looks very green. It is mostly capsicum based, that’s why it gives a beautiful aroma … it is a must try if you visit Kolkata and if you are a fan of Paneer 🙂


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