The Beachside Bhorta Platter

Now, who here does not like a feast of delicious bhortas? Today, we will take you to our own sandy beaches of Cox’s Bazaar to a place that is so popular, that it is actually difficult to get a seat during peak hours, as it is packed with visiting tourists.  Poushee Restaurant is a traditional Bengali restaurant serving the local cuisine and the dish we present to you today is a platter of delicious bhortas. We went so crazy over the bhortas that we did not have any space left to order other curries. Amongst all the bhortas that we tried, we had our favorites but bhortas are such that you can just go on eating them. Some of the bhortas we tried were Churi, Laitta, Tomato, Sheem, Potato(Aloo), Chingri, Taki, Morich. If you are down in Cox’s Bazar and would like to take a break from the sea food, you might want to go try out a couple of bhortas.

P.S. The place is quite local so we did not really expect any kind of presentation hereIMG_9176

Food Hunters Review:

bhorta rating

Price: Around 40-80 BDT per bhortas per plate

Location: Poushee Restaurant| Hotel Sayeman Road | Jhauta | Cox’s Bazar 4700

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