The Lime Prawn of the East

For us Bangladeshis, it doesn’t get much better than Cox’s Bazar, the country’s most popular beach destination for a quick getaway, and when you are next to the ocean the only thing that you feel like eating is fresh seafood. Mermaid Café has become the most popular seafood bistro in Cox’s Bazar and everybody ends up going there at least once. The dish we bring to you is the Lime Prawn; fresh from the sea, pan-fried prawns with garlic, splashed with beautifully fragrant lime juice accompanied with Thai green chili sauce. This is a great appetizer to start your evening with before moving onto a beautiful grilled fish, crab or lobster. We would not really place this in the fine dining category however; the prices for the mains are quite steep and will leave a massive dent in your wallet for a full hearted meal.


Food Hunters Review:

Lime prawn of east rating

Price: Around 395 BDT

Location: Mermaid Café |Sea inn point | Sugandha Beach | Kolatoli |Cox’s Bazar | Bangladesh

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