The Mango Yogurt Crumble

Looking for desserts, but not too sweet? Craving for something that is a mixture of bit sour, sweet and crunchy? Well, then this Mango Yogurt Crumble might be the perfect dessert for you. This is also highly recommended for the yogurt lovers. This beautiful delight is made by one of my most favorite coffee shop “Tabaq Coffee“. Believe me, this three layered colorful glass of happiness is a complete mood changer. So if you ever find yourself seeping a nice little coffee in this place, don’t forget to try it!


Food Hunters Review:

Mango Yogurt Crumble Rating

Price: Around 160 BDT


Tabaq Coffee

Shop #5C-023 (5th Floor),

Jamuna Future Park,

KA 244, Kuril, Pragati Shoroni, Baridhara,

Dhaka, Bangladesh


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