The Catch of the Day

If you are up for some sea food in Dhaka and have no idea where to go, then you are exactly in the same position as me. Our beautiful city somehow breeds heaps of restaurants but lacks one serving good quality seafood. However recently, we have had a couple of international chains opening up so we do have some choices at least. The dish we bring to you today is from one of the longstanding restaurants in Dhaka and one that we regularly have been visiting over the years; Saltz. The dish presented above is the Catch of the Day, which is a whole fish (Sea bass, Mackerel, Pom-fret or Red Snapper) cooked in a style of your preference (pan fried, steamed, deep-fried or grilled) with a sauce of your choice. It’s always best to ask the staff which fish is the freshest and go for that one. We prefer to have it grilled with butter-garlic. The fish that you are seeing is a Red Snapper by the way. Considering the fact that Dhaka is not situated next to a sea or ocean Saltz do quite a good job in serving seafood in terms of freshness and flavour. However, their presentation could do with some work. Enjoy!

Catch of the Day

Food Hunters Review:

Catch of the day rating

Price: Around 1000 BDT

Location: Saltz | 8 Gulshan North Ave, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh


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