The Grilled Dory with Garlic Rice

Usually eating sea food in a non sea food restaurant is not a very good idea. But few days back, I was sipping latte in a coffee shop, suddenly felt hungry and took their menu in my hand and started looking at their lunch offers. The lunch offers were cluttered with mostly chicken and some beef items and in a corner, I found one sea food item. Being a sea food lover, I tried my luck and guess what? I got lucky! If you are a sea food lover and suddenly find yourself hungry in this coffee shop, you should try out this one. Yes, this dish is none other than “Grilled Dory with Garlic Rice” of Gloria Jeans Coffee.  To me, the presentation the dish was okay, did not particularly like the zigzag of mustard mayo over the fillet, but the taste was better than the look. The dish contained crumbed and grilled fish fillet, accompanied with mustard potato salad & vegetables topped with mustard mayo. They gave a lemon wedge on the side, which in my opinion would have tasted better if it were a tangerine wedge istead.


Food Hunters Review:

Golria Dory Rating

Price: Around 600 BDT


Gulshan Avenue
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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