Meet the Meat Lover’s Passion

You all have heard about sugar surge, but have you heard about protein surge? That one time you are so craving for meat that you just cannot see any thing in front of you but steaks, drumsticks and ribs! If that’s the case then good old Tony Roma’s is the place you wanna hit. One of the town’s finest meat lovers den to quench your thrust for protein. I have tried their “Bountiful Beef Ribs and 1/4 BBQ chicken” with two side dishes- Coleslaw and French Fries and found it delicious. There are very few restaurants in Dhaka city where you can find Ribs, that’s why it’s not as easy to compare like Burgers or Pizzas. None the less, taste wise it is very good and I will definitely go there again to try the other items.


Food Hunters Review:

tony roma rating

Price: Around 1350 BDT


H/N# NEB(3B), Road#74, Gulshan#2
Dhaka, Bangladesh


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