The delicious “Nutella Toast”

This is the sole reason for me going to Bangkok over and over again. I am just in love with this simple looking food. This is another wonder child of the infamous dessert cafe “After You“. There are other different flavours of toasts in After You cafe but, the “Nutella Toast” is my personal favourite. The taste of butter, Nutella and the ice cream will make you delighted just after the first bite. It’s a perfect combination of “fire and ice” (Ok I am a bit over excited now! Let’s just say Hot and Cold).

I would highly recommend this dessert to any dessert lover.

There are two sizes available for this lovely food, you can choose either one depending on your hunger. There are several options for topping. The first one is mango topped and second one is without topping. Both are yum. I will travel to Bangkok any day just to have this delight.

Food Hunters Review:

Nutella Toast Rating

Price: Around 275 THB


After You

7th floor Central World Plaza Pathum Wan,

Bangkok 10330, Thailand

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